Sunday, September 12, 2010

Isaac's Birthday

And onto the next event (we're nearly done), Isaac is 6 today!!
He was very happy with his Hot Wheels and Lego presents.

At 10am we celebrated his birthday with a party in the park and nearly all of his school friends.
Eleven boys from his class arrived and they all played so well together.

Then it was cake time.
Trying to light candles in a windy park
Blowing out the 2 candles that stayed lit
When we got home he spent ages happily playing with his mountain of birthday presents.

Happy birthday to our gorgeous boy!
I can't believe you are 6 already!!

PS And three cheers for Mummy for putting the massive Lego Star Wars Starfighter Spaceship together!!!

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  1. well done, you made it! all looks great and Isaac seems very happy!!!