Sunday, September 26, 2010

Coolangatta in September

Day One (Saturday) - We checked in at 2:30pm and brought a mountain of bags up to the 8th floor. We felt the pool, it was too cold. We went to Aldi for some groceries then later we walked back down the street and got KFC for the kids for dinner and sushi for us.

The night lights from the back balcony

First night in the new beds

Day Two (Sunday) - It is still overcast but Isaac is dying to get into the pool. Went in the spa early. Isaac and Rob braved the pool. After breakfast went for a stroll around the block. We bought some books for the kids at secondhand bookstore. The kids played in a playground. We walked onto the beach for a play in the sand but we were chased back to the unit by rain. Went for a drive down to Tweed, found Tweed City shopping centre. Bought some Lego & bath dolly for Ava, sand buckets and spades and Volleys shoes for Isaac. We had lunch at the food court and poor Isaac tipped almost his whole bottle of juice into his shorts. After getting back, changing, building Lego and 'resting' we went back to the beach with the buckets and spades, ignored the rain this time and built sandcastles. Dinner was fresh prawns, mmmmm.

Cloudy day
The spa was lovely
A playground beside the beach
"We're going to the beach!"
"Don't go in the water!"
The unit block we were staying in

Building sandcastles
"Quick, take the pic, before I smash it"
Hazy view to Surfers
Dinner, fresh prawns, YUM!
Watching TV in the bedroom is a novelty

Day Three (Monday) - Rob woke early and left around 5:30am to go for a bushwalk at Binna Burra. The weather has got worse. Way too cold, even for the spa. I took the kids to Aldi for snack shopping. Michelle and the kids came to visit. Kids didn't care they couldn't go out, they had fun playing Lego and Wii inside, and trying to do the splits. Rob came home early. Too wet. After Michelle and the kids left we had a little nap/rest. We didn't go out for the rest of the day. So cold and wet. Maximum 19degC.

Binna Burra
Hand stands

Who can do the splits?
Playing the Wii
Rain, rain, rain
Crazy people swimming in the pool, it's 19deg!!!
Wet view from the bedroom balcony
Looking down to the tennis court and courtyard
Day Four (Tuesday) - After bacon and eggs for breakfast we went for a drive to Surfers. It was still drizzly weather but not as cold as yesterday. We went to Time Zone (the old Grundy's) and the kids played heaps of games and had a little go at bowling. On the way back we stopped and McDonald's for lunch. Then we had a look at Greenmount lookout and came back to the unit to get ready for the beach. Isaac went straight in even though it was as cold as ice! Ava and I had a play in the sand. Then we came back to the pool and spa. Rob and Isaac sat in the sauna for a little while, we tested out the gym equipment, then it was back for a rest in the unit. Then Rob took the kids out to ride their scooters and I got some 'all by myself' time. Nice!

Surfers Paradise
Cavell Avenue

Up to Time Zone
Time Zone
Ball games
Bashing games

Ava and I even had a go
Rob thought he was at firearms training
Strolling around Surfers
In the McDonald's playground
The view from Greenmount
Who needs a scooter, it's more fun to run

Day Five (Wednesday) - You guessed it, another cloudy and wet morning. We decided to drive north again to see if it would be fine enough for Putt Putt at Mermaid when we got there. It wasn't. We went to Pacific Fair instead. We all had coffees at a coffee shop and then we bought some more toys and DVD's for indoor entertainment when we got home. When we got back to the unit, Rob and I had the best sushi ever again for lunch. Then Isaac watch his DVD on the laptop in the bedroom and Ava watched hers on the portable DVD player from the car. Then we had a phonecall from Mum with the very sad news that Bevan had passed away. I had a nap and then we went for a walk and Isaac took his scooter. We walked to the top of the hill to a lookout and then looked in a collectibles/antiques store and stopped at a playground on the way back to the unit. We had Thai takeaway for dinner. I'm loving not having to cook!

Pacific Fair
...and coffees (babycinos) at a coffee shop
Watching a DVD on the laptop
Watching a DVD on the car DVD player
The Coolangatta lookout
Our unit is in the middle

Walking back down

Day Six (Thursday) - We awoke to a blue sky, finally! We made the most of it and went to Putt Putt early. We played 2 games, the kids loved it! Isaac was so excited he couldn't wait for the rest of us and Ava was very persistant and she didn't get frustrated at all. When we got back to Coolangatta we had fish & chips (nuggets & chips for the kids) at Crave at the Coolangatta Hotel. Then it was time for another swim. I still won't get in the pool, Isaac just jumps right in. Ava and I had an afternoon nap while Rob took Isaac to get milk...and more Lego! Rob went back for another good look in the collectible/antique shop without worrying about the kids breaking something.

Yes, Rob is wearing Ava's pink hat
Cuddles for the rabbit
Lunch at Crave at the Coolangatta Hotel
Nothing beats a view of the beach from a pub

Day Seven (Friday) - Raining again. Rob left just before 7am to drive home to get our clothes for Bevan's funeral tomorrow. The kids and I spent some time in the unit, looking up the Lego webside, watching DVD's and reading. The weather fined up around lunch time so I took the kids down for gelati. Then we went back to the unit. The kids watched their DVDs and I got to finish reading my book. Rob got back just before 2pm. We went for one last swim in the spa and pool.

A sunny day
A view of the pool and beach from the balcony
Isaac on the balcony (only when Daddy isn't looking)
I finally got to sit on the balcony with my laptop and wine and enjoy the view in the sunshine

Day Eight (Saturday) - We packed up and checked out just before 8am. Then drove to the farm for Bevan's funeral.