Thursday, September 9, 2010

Ava's 3rd Birthday Party

Ava turned 3 yesterday.
She was sick and got to spend the day with Daddy because I went on the school excursion with Isaac.
She loved her pink Barbie laptop.

We had her birthday party this afternoon with our play/mum's group.
There were 11 kids and 7 grown-ups, and it was the first party she didn't have to share with her cousin and her brother.
For weeks, whenever I asked what she wanted for her birthday present, she would answer, "Tinkerbell cake".
She very patiently waited all day, for her party which was after school.
She was so happy Grandma came to play for the day to help pass the time.

Tinkerbell Cake

"It's nearly party time...I'm so excited!"

"I might just do a dance...

...while I'm waiting."

Party food!

Cake time!!

"Everyone is looking at me."

Happy birthday darling angel, Ava xxx


  1. It looks like it went really well! Happy birthday, gorgeous girl. xx

  2. My god, she's beautiful. Looks like the party went really well. And I'm very jealous of that Tinkerbell cake! xx