Saturday, February 10, 2018

Sunshine Castle - Bli Bli

Cavegirl Ava 
Princess Ava

The Drawbridge

This was them in 2010!

King Rob

Scary Rob

Coming down

The Great Room

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Rick Price Concert

On the 23rd April we all headed to Beaudesert for Rick Price's "Comin' Home" concert in St Mary's school hall. Ava and I went with Mum & Dad, while Rob & Isaac stayed at the farm. It was a very special event, a fund raiser for the restoration of the church and a school reunion because Rick went to St Mary's and Beaudesert State High School. 4REAL Milk was one of the sponsors so Greg & Trish had tickets up the front and free drinks and food. But Trish couldn't go because a friend of theirs was ill and she had to mind their children. So Greg swapped our tickets and Ava and I had second row seats right on the aisle... perfect for taking photos! Ava hurt her knee at school that week so we had to take a folding stool for her to put her foot up. The concert was brilliant, way better than anyone was expecting, and I had high expectations! When he walked on stage with his guitar and saw so many familiar faces of his family and friends he said, "I'm so excited I don't know if I can play!" But play he did... and everybody loved it! He invited anyone who wanted to join him on stage to come up, he sang a song with his family, he walked into the crowd with a ukulele and he got two standing ovations. AND at the auction Greg bought a signed poster for me to bring home. We watched Rick sign it "for the Dennis Family" and we had our photo taken with him. Oh what a brilliant night in Beauy!

Susie Reiser sang before Rick came on, she was fantastic!

Here's a video from the Beaudesert Times... Click

And another one... Click