Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Underwater World Excursion

This morning Prep G & Prep S set off for Underwater World.
That's 54 (5 & 6 year old) kids, 13 adults and 1 big bus ride.

Lined up and ready

Off we go

Getting on the bus

Back seat boys

Meeting Marina the Mermaid

We watched the seal show

The touch pool

Holding a starfish

An a car!


A leafy sea dragon

Stripey fish (I don't remember their real name) 

From the top looking down

A sawfish

An otter

Two otters

I want that statue!

Warning - copious photos of the performing seal
(Well it was so darn cute and photogenic!)


Treasure Chest games

In the tunnel
(With weird reflections)

A lionfish

Bubble Head

Saying goodbye to our guide

Back in the back seat

The bus is actually full, you just can't see all the little heads

Parents eagerly awaiting our return

Everybody off

We're ba-ack!


  1. what is with the mermaids top??????????????? and I love the seal.....looks like you had an awesome day xox

  2. The Piccys are great Thea!!!!
    I am glad you all had fun!

  3. great photos Thea. It was a fun day. Terri B