Sunday, September 11, 2011

Birthdays and The Beaudesert Show - 2011

It was another very big, but very good weekend!
The Beaudesert Show fell right in the middle of Isaac and Ava's birthdays this year, on the 10th, so as we enjoyed it so much last year, we went again this year.
We had a small party with Jewel, Jack, Brenma, Grandarrell, Greg & Trish on the farm.

Then we put our warm clothes on and headed into town. A cold snap had hit and it was very windy and cold.
After meeting Trish and the kids in her parent's yard across the road from the show, we went through the gates and headed straight for the fine arts pavillion to see Jewel's prize winning painting.

Then we went for some rides before it got too busy.
Isaac went on the Big Slide with Jewel, the Dodgems with Dad, and the Ferris Wheel with me.
Ava had a few turns on the clowns, ducks and bunnies and won some pretty prizes.

We had some hot chips and watched the beautiful horses and riders for a little while.

After a quick look in the animal nursery, we went to the circus, which was so disappointing we didn't even stay until the end.

We walked back to get show bags and lolly pops then we found some good seats on the ring to settle into for the next 3 1/2 hours.

We saw...
The Beaut Ute Parade

The Teams Derby

Mad Ron's V8 Jet - you should have seen Isaac's eye light up when he realized it was a jet engine on the back of a truck! But poor Ava & Jack had their hands over their ears the whole time.

Crazy Car and Caravan Race
The Derby Car Parade
Freestyle Trial Bikes

and the FIREWORKS!

It was very late (for Ava) and very, very cold, but we had another wonderful day at the show!

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