Sunday, August 21, 2011

Another Picnic at the Lookout at Cooran

We decided to go for another picnic as it was a beautiful winter's Saturday.
So we went to our favourite spot.
The James M McKane Memorial Lookout near Cooran...again.

It's like being on top of the world.

We had both picnic tables all to ourselves.

So we set up the picnic blanket near one.

And then some very greedy butcher birds joined us.
One flew at Ava and tried to snatch the cheerio (aka cocktail frank) right out of her hand!

We posed for some family shots.

Isaac pondered....

I wandered around taking shots of weeds...



...and ladybirds...


Ava practised her surfer girl moves,
she was queen of the waaa-aaa-aa-aves.

Isaac, Ava & Daddy played with the ball.

Rob climbed the roof...


Then he climbed the tree.


And Isaac wanted to climb too.

Ava practised balancing.


Isaac did a robot dance.

And I took more photos of the scenery.

Isaac tried to run into my photo!


We love the...

I'm sure we'll be back again...another day.


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