Saturday, September 24, 2011

Noosa River

Our weekends are usually spent visiting Grandma & Grandad at Caloundra, but with Grandma away, we needed to find something else to do on a beautiful Saturday in Spring.
So we went for a picnic and play at Noosa River.

After a picnic of McDonalds, we found a gorgeous spot beside the river under a big fig tree.

As soon as Isaac saw the water he ran straight into it. He had a wonderful time running in and out and building volcanoes.

Ava sat on the sand and built very detailed castles with leaf, shell and feather decorations.

It was so peaceful surrounded by yachts.

Not even the motor boats could disturb our serenity.

My goal for the day was to photograph a bird in flight, so I was ecstatic to snap these.

I took so many photos of the seagulls, they're photogenic little birdies.

I went for a walk to take more photos of the boats.

And did some VIP spotting through the trees.

The trees near the toilet block were amazing.
I think they're also fig trees. It felt like an enchanted forest.

Ava spotted the swings and had to have a go.

And then we had to leave.

It was a beautiful day, a beautiful spot, and we had a beautiful time.

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