Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Beaudesert Show & The Birthdays

It's come to that time again that I like to call Christmas in September, where we have three birthdays, Father's Day and our wedding anniversary all within ten days. The first birthday happened to fall on the Beaudesert Show so we all went. We left Friday morning for the trek trip to Beaudesert and met the Evans clan around lunch time on the ring.

We watched some show jumping while we ate our hot chips with sauce and dagwood dogs (YUM!)

Then it was off to sideshow alley for a turn on the clowns...

...the dodge-ems...

...the big slide...

...the tea cups...

...and the balls that never stay in the buckets.

We saw a crazy singing lady...

...and a pink tractor.

The kids chose one show bag and a big lolly pop each...

...then it was off to the farm...

...for the birthday cakes.

And then back to the show for dinner and the night program. Not much has changed since we used to go as kids. There are no more trots, but they've added a circus and rodeo. They still have the woodchop but the tai kwon do display and trampolining acrobatic basketballers were new. The fireworks are better than ever and it was just as much fun as it was 30 years ago.

crazy clown on a bull on wheels
eight cousins

 rough riders

Who needs Riverfire?
Another wonderful weekend!!


  1. So jealous. It looks so much better (and so much more fun) than our Adelaide Show.

    I am also deeply envious of the fact that you are all in t-shirts. We had the power out earlier for 3 hours as a result of STORMS ffs.

    And I love love love a firework show too.......

  2. It looks better than the Dubbo show !
    Glad the eight cousins had so much fun !
    My boys would love that slide and the lollipops OMG ( me too)

  3. Ps I hope my comment of your other blog went through I just closed the window and saw this window had word verification ...oops.

  4. Awww - looks great! Happy pics...good times... xx

  5. That's what may is like for us. Hubby and I both have our mum and dads birthdays plus acouple of other family birthdays and mothers day. It's an exhausting month!! The show looks fabulous.