Monday, January 25, 2016

"Escape To The Country" - January to 2016

2nd January - Just another pretty afternoon in the Mary Valley....

23rd January - We totally missed all storm activity today, I'm not very happy about that! But I didn't miss the pretty sunset this evening...

24th January - This looks promising...or is it just teasing again?!

12th February - The clouds in the sky this afternoon were amazing. The kids and I stood outside and kept looking up and spinning around because they covered the whole sky almost! This only shows a tiny bit!

26th February - The light is so pretty in the garden this afternoon...

29th February - This on the other side of the fence around our yard makes me nervous!!

12th March - Remember our mystery plant in the garden? Well, it flowered this's chicory!

13th March - In the garden after another rain shower...

19th March - We just had a doozy of a storm! The rain was blowing sideways!

2nd April - The Rainbow Bee Eaters have arrived....they look like notes on a music staff...just one line short!

13th April - Helloooooooooooo

28th April - We saw this little bit of magic in our back yard this morning!! It was a full rainbow, so bright we could see 4 repeats of the colours!

11th May - "Red sky at night, Shepherd's delight. Red sky in the morning..."

Wow, wow, WOW!! I thought this morning's sky was special. This afternoon it was SPECTACULAR!! Rays of orange and pink from the West all the way over my head to the East. I couldn't capture it all it was so big! Amazing!

12th May - Oh what a beautiful morning!! I was a little chilly stepping outside in my summer nightie to take this! It's 10°... finally Autumn has arrived! 

14th May - We finally bought a new trampoline. Our third (and hopefully last) one! It's huge... we have the space so we thought why not get the biggest one!

11th June - Pretty colours and 'tyre tracks' in the sky tonight!

23rd June - I was outside in my pjs at 6:15 snapping this this morning.

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