Saturday, April 23, 2016

Rick Price Concert

On the 23rd April we all headed to Beaudesert for Rick Price's "Comin' Home" concert in St Mary's school hall. Ava and I went with Mum & Dad, while Rob & Isaac stayed at the farm. It was a very special event, a fund raiser for the restoration of the church and a school reunion because Rick went to St Mary's and Beaudesert State High School. 4REAL Milk was one of the sponsors so Greg & Trish had tickets up the front and free drinks and food. But Trish couldn't go because a friend of theirs was ill and she had to mind their children. So Greg swapped our tickets and Ava and I had second row seats right on the aisle... perfect for taking photos! Ava hurt her knee at school that week so we had to take a folding stool for her to put her foot up. The concert was brilliant, way better than anyone was expecting, and I had high expectations! When he walked on stage with his guitar and saw so many familiar faces of his family and friends he said, "I'm so excited I don't know if I can play!" But play he did... and everybody loved it! He invited anyone who wanted to join him on stage to come up, he sang a song with his family, he walked into the crowd with a ukulele and he got two standing ovations. AND at the auction Greg bought a signed poster for me to bring home. We watched Rick sign it "for the Dennis Family" and we had our photo taken with him. Oh what a brilliant night in Beauy!

Susie Reiser sang before Rick came on, she was fantastic!

Here's a video from the Beaudesert Times... Click

And another one... Click

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