Tuesday, September 29, 2015

"Escape To The Country" - Our Move to Dagun - June to December 2015

1st June - On the first day of Winter I was outside snapping this at 6am in my Summer jammies!

4th June - Not a great shot (I was too lazy to get the tripod out!) but the moon looks amazing tonight!

9th June - Look at this stunner that I just found in the garden! A reason to love red!!

11th June - Not a bad way to start the day...with a double rainbow! Good morning. 

15th June - Happy Monday morning!

17th June - It's a proper gloomy day today, and I'm loving it!

20th June - We finally brought the trampoline out!

21st June - We just had a family picnic in the backyard...with a view like this, who needs to go anywhere? And... As if we don't already have enough bonuses living here...our landlords are avocado farmers. Free avocados...BIG BONUS!!

22nd June - I walked around this twice in the garage before realizing what it was.....EWWWW...EWWWWW...EEEEEEWWWWWWWWWW!!!!
My skin is crawling.

25th June - We are well and truly in the clouds this morning.

26th June - Before the sun came up this morning... and then Mother Nature painted another pretty picture this evening...love these colours.

4th July - A giant pomelo from the Dagun market.

5th July - Bonfire down the hill!

7th July - Isaac just came running inside and said, "Mum! The whole sky has turned into a rainbow!"

And our first fire ever...

11th July - I do so love a misty morning.

25th July - Autumn leaves in Winter...OMG!! The whole yard was covered this morning.

They raked all morning so they could do this...

26th July - Just an everyday winter activity...sprinkler under the trampoline...

31st July - The blue moon tonight was so beautiful!

10th August - What a way to start the day. Good morning...

12th August - I love watching a storm rolling in...

18th August - Just sitting outside enjoying the twilight...my heart is happy and my soul feels at home.

22th August - Look how pretty my poinsettia is in the rain. It looks like it's covered in crystals.

What's the best thing about rainy days? Jumping in puddles with pink rubber boots, of course!

25th August - Rob nearly ran over this poor little guy with the mower. We'd never seen anything like it. Poor little guy.

26th August - The jacaranda has its first blooms of the year and the lavender is flowering...purple season has begun!

AND just heard a loud noise in the tree and discovered this gorgeous yellow-tailed black cockatoo. I think he was playing games with me...

28th August - Not something you see every day...new tanks for our landlord/neighbours...

30th August - We have a few doggy visitors here, which the kids love because the poor deprived dears have never had a family pet! I'm not a dog person, there are probably only a couple of dogs that I've ever really liked. But this second time visitor I LOVE!! It has to be the sweetest, prettiest dog I've ever met....

Another amazing moon rise...it was so orange! Thanks to our neighbour/landlords for calling us or we would have missed it!

31st August - Our farewell to winter...

14th September - Spring has sprung in the garden and I'm discovering new things all the time. This afternoon I saw and smelt this...I'd never seen it before but I believe it's a Port Wine Magnolia.

17th September - There are no more avocados, but now our landlords are giving us bananas! Did I mention we live in paradise?! Just made some gooey caramel banana muffins. Hope the kids like them!

18th September - Hmmmm....me thinks we might get a storm!

And I could never ever get tired of this view....ahhhhhhh

27th September - Just took my 4 loads of still damp washing off the line...so I guess it will go around us now!

28th September - Snow in Dagun?? Who would have thunk it....oh boy it was LOUD!! And followed by a gorgeous rainbow!

29th September - Holy.Schmoley! Three days in a row!!

This little bird flew into the door and stunned itself just before the storm hit. So we put it in a box in the garage.

30th September - Here we go again! Fourth day in a row...it's beginning to feel like Groundhog Day!

The mother ship has arrived.

And then...this...so bright and just over the fence.

13th October - Some cramazing clouds in the sky right now!

14th October - This happened overnight...irises everywhere in the garden! So pretty!!

22nd October - The sun setting on a storm....nice!

26th November - It's hot, it's windy and it's SO smokey here in the valley this afternoon. It may look pretty...but it feels awful!

28/29th November - We had the annual college girls' weekend at Dagun this year! Katrina, Toni, Julie, Melina, Joanna & Nicole could all come. Bronwyn couldn't make it this year.

30th November - This monster just went right around us!

6th December - I think we need a bigger Christmas tree...it doesn't quite fill the space in this house!

25th December - There's a gorgeous moon out there right now!

30th December - It was gorgeous out this afternoon for my daily walk to the grid...

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