Monday, September 1, 2014

Mapleton Falls and the Wompoo Circuit Walk

We'd seen the signs to Mapleton Falls and today decided to check them out.
There was a very short walk a lookout over the falls, but the view of the waterfall wasn't great.
The 1.2 km Wompoo Circuit forest walk, however, was lovely.
Isaac wasn't well and complained of feeling like he was going to fall over the whole way.
Ava got a nose bleed.
But apart from that, it was beautiful.

The's a long way down!

Obi Obi Valley


I spy a monkey, he says he was Tarzan

Little Rob, big trees

Isaac in the golden light

Not feeling too good :(

"See how big this tree is..."

Inside a big old tree

She was not going to get in because there may have been BUGS. But Daddy called her a chicken, so in she went!

Trying to feel better

An Elk Horn

Wild orchids

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