Monday, September 8, 2014

The Beaudesert Show ~ 2014

On the busiest weekend of the year for us and the whole family, we headed to Beaudesert for the annual show. We left just after 9am and got to the show just before 12:30pm, after a quick stop for lunch at Jimboomba Maccas.

For the first time the family had a 4REAL milk and cheese stand in the Teese Pavilion. So we met up with everyone there. It wasn't until I got home that I realized I didn't take a photo of it!

Greg's photo
Jewel took the kids on some rides, she's a great big cousin!

Isaac and Jewel returned from the Alien Abduction!

Ava's first roller coaster ride with Jewel

Then we had a little walk around to see the animals, had a few more rides, then we went back to the farm for a break (after stocking up on a bag full of junk food for dinner).

Isaac was a wild driver, Jewel was hanging on for dear life!

We went back in for the night program on the ring just before 5pm. We saw all of our favourites, the Beaut Ute Parade, the trailer derby, the demolition derby x 2 and the fireworks. The stunt driving through walls of flames didn't go so well, one of the drivers was quite seriously burned. 

The Go Karts were like giant mosquitoes.

A delicate balancing act

A dancing bob cat!

The show trick that went bad.

We woke up on the farm for Father's Day and waited to see the Valiant Car Club arrive for a tour. Those cars were cool!

Then we headed home via the Woodhill Cemetary to say Happy Father's Day to Grandad, IKEA (it was SO crowded!), and the North Lakes Shopping Centre for lunch.

We arrived home around 3:30pm and got straight to making Ava's tea cups for her birthday at school the next day.

Weekend over!

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