Monday, October 15, 2012

Georgina's 21st at Boondooma

Georgina turned 21 so we headed west to celebrate.
We left Saturday morning, leaving plenty of time for a leisurely drive and to stop for some photo taking.
We drove through Kilkivan, Goomeri, Murgon, Wondai, Hivesville and Proston before arriving at Boondooma about midday.

The party started early for family members, who were all there around lunch time.
There was a lot of meat cooking in a lot of Weber barbecues.
Isaac had a great time playing with Georgina's cousin, Thomas.
Ava stayed up late for cake at her first night time party.
I was very impressed with Sam's chocolate rum.
And Rob bought a wood burner from Lex's (Georgina's boyfriend) grandfather!

The four of us slept in Brody's room and many others slept over or camped in caravans and tents.
The next morning we left soon after breakfast and a motorbike ride for Isaac with Brody.


On the way home we detoured to have a look at Boondooma House, but didn't pay to go in.
And also veered off track to check out Boondooma Dam.

On our travels home we had to get some purple weeds for Ava, some red dirt for Isaac and some cotton for both of them. Oh, and we had to stop for Rob to climb the big rock!

We arrived home 1:30 Sunday afternoon.
You can do a lot in only 28 hours!!