Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Coolangatta Holiday - September 2012

Day 1 - Sunday 23rd

We unpacked as fast as we could because the kids were dying to get in the pool.



Day 2 - Monday 24th

The morning was windy, foggy and cold but Isaac had us at the beach at 8am anyhow! The kids and Rob went it, not me. The water was actually quite warm, but the wind wasn't!! Then it was back to the pool and the nice hot spa. The weather didn't improve, in fact it got worse. So we stayed in the unit and played with our gadgets, then we all had a midday snooze, except for Isaac. Isaac had another swim in the pool in the afternoon even though it was cold, windy and a storm was coming. Then we all went for a little stroll, bought some activity and reading books, then came back to the unit for the evening.

Day 3 - Tuesday 25th

The sun is out, but the wind is still chilly. This time it was Ava who was dying to get to the pool at 8am. We held off until 9am but I didn't brave it this time. Way too cold for me. Rob suggested we pack a picnic lunch and drive to Mount Warning. So we did, and got a little lost on the way. But when we got there, there wasn't much to see. Pretty rainforest, though. Then it was back to the unit for a quick afternoon nap, and another swim in the pool. And it was still too cold for me! Click HERE for more photos from Mount Warning.

Day 4 - Wednesday 26th

We finally woke to better weather. After a slower start, we went for a walk to the playground along the beachfront and then walked up to the lookout. On the way back we stopped for gelati. The weather was so nice we decided to come back and get ready for the beach and pool. This time, I did get into the pool, but it took me some time! After our swim we went for lunch at Pancakes in Paradise. Then we had a look in the junk collectible store and some more book stores. After another afternoon nap, we walked along the bike path toward Greenmount and up to the lookout where we saw whales! Even though it was 5pm when we got back, the kids were desperate for another swim, so it was back down to the pool.





Day 5 - Thursday 27th

I discovered this morning that we can see the whales from the balcony. So I spent quite some time whale watching. Then we went for a walk to the playground on the beachfront and waited for our visitors to arrive. Today we had Brenma, Grandarrell, Michelle, Jacob, Tiara, Rita-Lily & Louella come to visit. After checking out what the refurbishment will look like in a 12th floor apartment, and getting into a broken lift, we all walked to get fish & chips for lunch. After lunch it was swim time in the pool. After we said goodbye to everyone I was a little weary because I missed my daytime nap...oh well.

Day 6 - Friday 28th

We went shopping over at Tweed Heads in the morning. Isaac wanted to buy some cars with his birthday money and Ava wanted a Sleeping Beauty Baby doll, but there weren't any, so she got a pink hobby horse unicorn. Then we hung around the unit waiting for Greg, Trish, Jewel & Jack to arrive. They got here around 2pm and after seeing a police parade from the balcony, it was straight to the beach. The weather was windy and cold so Trish & I just watched. Ava & Jack played on the beach while everyone else went into the surf.
After the beach it was back to the pool for the kids and the sauna for Rob & Greg. Then we had dinner of kebabs & McDonald's back in the unit.

Day 7 - Saturday 29th

This morning was cold and windy...again! So we decided to go to Fleay's Wildlife Park (instead of Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary). It was wonderful! Lots and lots of animals to see, everything was very neat and tidy, and the show was great because we were able to touch a bearded dragon and a ring-tailed possum. Click HERE to see more photos of Fleay's. After we got home and had some lunch, the kids wanted to go to the pool even though it was blowing a gale and was COLD! So we took them down before the storm or rain which is forecast for this afternoon but neither of us got in!


Day 8 - Sunday 30th

We were packed and ready to leave just after 9am. Another Coolangatta holiday...over.