Saturday, September 29, 2012

David Fleay Wildlife Park

On Saturday, the second last day of our holiday at Coolangatta, we went to David Fleay Wildlife Park at Burleigh Heads. We'd been wanting to take the kids to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary for years but it is very expensive and very commercial. So we opted for the less expensive, less commercial, less busy option. And I'm glad we did. I loved it, so did the kids. It was so peaceful, low key, relaxed and there were heaps of animals to see. We saw an interesting presentation and got to pat a bearded dragon (well, the kids did) and a ring tail possum which was gorgeous. There was also a great cafe where we had ice-creams beside a lovely stream.

Walking in through the mangroves

A small crocodile

Brush turkey

Lace monitor (goanna)

Brush-tailed wallaby

Koala spotting

Eastern water dragon

Lumholtz's tree kangaroo

A mother swamp hen feeding its baby

"Leave me alone, I'm sleeping!"




Plumed whistling duck

Red kangaroo

In the theatre for the 'Fur, Feather & Scales' show

A tawny frogmouth. It's not an owl. I thought it was an owl!

Bearded dragon
Ring-tailed possum

Inside the Nocturnal House

Time for ice-creams

Black-headed stork

Koala - always asleep


Leaving via the bush track


Daddy explaining how the moon affects the tides

Back to the car park via the Mangrove Boardwalk