Sunday, July 17, 2011

Rob's 40th Weekend at the Crowne Plaza

We celebrated Rob's 40th birthday with a weekend away at the
Crowne Plaza, Pelican Waters.

We arrived Friday afternoon with the kids.

To beautiful views from exactly the same room we had when we stayed on Christmas night a year and a half ago!

Ava had a little lie down and a read...

before getting ready for dinner in the restaurant.

Ava thought we'd walked into the set of Masterchef.

And Isaac told me that I looked scary with that black stuff around my eyes.
But they were both so well behaved for their first time in a restaurant.

The next morning we woke to a rainy day.

 But that didn't stop us enjoying a beautiful breakfast.
Isaac ate better than he had ever eaten in his life!

 Then later that day Rob's parents joined us for lunch, in the same restaurant again.
After lunch we left the kids at Grandma's & Grandad's, just down the road.

Rob and I had our first decent alone time since before Isaac was born, and he's almost seven!
The first thing we did was have a long nap.
It was so quiet, for so long!!

Then we went for a stroll out in the cold.
And it was lovely.

Then we opened the complimentary bottle of wine and got ready for dinner.
We had some cocktails in the bar first.

And then dinner, which was divine...the food and the company.

Then we went for another quick stroll in the cold.

And had another cocktail...

Before discovering...

this at the end of the lift corridor!

After breakfast the next morning, the fifth meal in a row in the same restaurant, we picked up the kids and vowed to do it again every year.

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