Saturday, April 2, 2011

Parrots in Paradise

Today we took a day trip with Grandma to the Glasshouse Mountains to see Parrots in Paradise.

It's a small attraction run by a delightful bird lady, Dail, and volunteers.
They know birds and clearly love birds.
She doesn't advertise so depends upon word of mouth.
And the word from this mouth is, it is well worth $10!

The birds are stunningly beautiful and you get to see them up very close and personal.
Dail is entertaining and informative in her parrot print dress, the whole time replying and chatting to the birds who continually but in all the way through the show.
And the birds truly steal the they should.

You'll find yourself shaking your head in amazement, marvelling at the clever tricks the birds can do, and giggling at their antics and impromtu bursts of nursery rhymes.  Old MacDonald was today's favourite...e i e i o!

The only word of warning I have is do not, I repeat DO NOT approach the beautiful black swans on the pond with a camera in your hands.  The jolly thing went for me and got me twice! And, yes, I was scared!!

Click here to see and read more on their website.

Ava loved 'Bambi'

This is a safe distance

This is not!

This is what an attacking swan looks like.....RUN!

Safer to capture them on zoom

Rob tried...and it went for him too!!

The stars, patiently waiting for the show to begin

King parrots

A king parrot cross with 'something I can't remember' and it was stunning

Green parrot
You galah

Elvis, the red tailed black cockatoo

Curly, the gang-gang cockatoo

Cindy (oh yes, they all have names), the pink favourite...of course

Princess parrots

A very clever ringneck parakeet collecting coins

and skateboarding!

It's merry-go-round was really spinning around

Congo African grey parrots

Isaac's favourite...his favourite colour is orange

"Hello Cocky" - sulphur-crested cockatoo

Enjoy the show!

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