Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Holidays 2011 - From the Farm to the Beach

This Easter the kids and I spent two nights at the farm while Rob stayed home to start the bathroom renovation.  We had an early Easter lunch with the all of the cousins on Wednesday and Isaac had a wonderful time roaming the farm for two and a half days.

Sleep over!

The golden light at sunrise

Will we go in?

Of course we will!

Time to go before the rain hits.

The next morning was a gorgeous misty one.

Dew drops in a cobweb.

Grandarrell took the kids for a tractor ride.

Ava wasn't interested in tractor rides, just Timmy.
Jewel & Isaac burnt some rubbish...and did a little body painting.

 On Good Friday we braved the traffic and drove to Caloundra. We met Rob there and stayed two more nights to look after Grandad while Grandma was away on a bush walking trip. We took the kids to Golden Beach for a play on Saturday. Then on Easter Sunday, after we'd discovered what the Easter Bunny had left, we went for a swim at Moffat Beach.

Playing at Golden Beach

Easter Sunday with goodies from the Easter Bunny

Moffat Beach

Ava loved the waves.

Isaac caught some waves!

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