Friday, January 14, 2011

The 2011 Gympie

On Saturday we attempted our usual weekend escape from Gympie to Caloundra.
We knew the water was high, it had been raining non stop for what seemed like forever.
But we needed to get away as we'd missed out on our escape the weekend before because our car was 'in the shop.'
So, we packed, we set off, we were not going anywhere!
Most bridges in town were going under but we knew one bridge was still open and attempted that route...along with a million other people.
Traffic was at a stand we went shopping and headed home instead.
On Sunday Rob was keen to try again...but soon realized we would be trapped away from home if we did.
So we stayed put...for four days!!
Yep, Gympie was totally isolated, all roads north, south, any direction were cut by flood waters.
Then there was talk the river would hit record levels and suddenly Grant Denyer from Sunrise on channel 7 turned up in our town.
He did his weather reports from here on Monday and Tuesday, and then Brisbane was hit by the water so he rushed off to the big smoke.
(Of course he was choppered in and out because we were still ISOLATED!)
The supermarkets quickly ran out of bread and milk, and the town started to panic buy.
Except for the South-siders who couldn't get across to any supermarkets.
By Thursday afternoon the water finally fell enough to open the roads and our town, particularly the parks and main street, was left muddy and stinky.

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