Saturday, January 15, 2011

Aussie World

We have been driving past this place almost every weekend for the past four years.
The kids have been asking, "When are we going to Aussie World?"
and we've been replying, "Soon."

Well, today was 'soon'.

We were given a family pass for Christmas (thanks Brenma & Grandarrell!) and today the weather was fine enough for us to go.

First ride of the day...the carousel...

...Ava's choice!

Rob had to get off, it was making him dizzy.

Isaac's choice...The Dodgems!

Then we went on the Big Ferris Wheel, the one we see from the highway and have always wanted to go on.

Isaac, Ava & I were in the car but Ava wouldn't let me move to take her photo.

Rob took up his usual spot...on the ground.

The boys went in the simulator machine...

...and came out looking a little queasy.

The grey clouds didn't rain on us!

Next was mini golf.

Isaac was having a bad day at golf, poor little guy.

Ava had to have another go on the horsies...and another go...

The school bus was more her scene...

...while the boys had another go on the dodgems.

Isaac and I had one more turn on the Ferris Wheel for our last ride.

Up we go!

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