Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010

Christmas is over again for another year.
I'd say everyone was very happy with their presents.
And everyone had a fun time.

We slept at Grandma & Grandad's house Christmas Eve.
Ava and Isaac's Santa sacks were at the end of their beds ready for Santa's visit that night.  But Ava was scared of Santa coming into the bedroom and couldn't get to sleep, so we moved them into the lounge room.

Ava was the first to wake, at 6am, Christmas morning.

I had to wake Isaac at 6:30am because he couldn't get to sleep until 9:50pm!

Then after breakfast, we had to leave our mess...

...and head to the farm for more presents...

Yes, Ava is jumping with excitement!

...and fun with the cousins.

I took 11 of these, this was my best one!

Then Santa Shane handed out the presents.

The girls looked gorgeous in their aprons.

We had lunch, including delicious and beautiful treats made by Jewel...who should have been the Junior Masterchef!

Then, once we finally got all the kids to sleep...

...Michelle and I had a treat of our own!


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