Saturday, December 18, 2010

Police Kids' Christmas Party

Today we saw Santa, swam in the pool (well, three of us did and I wasn't one of them) for hours and came home bearing gifts and red arms and faces.

It was so hot and humid. Any little gust of air was welcome. But it started to cloud over and cool off a little just as we were leaving.

Anyway, the kids had a ball...that's the most important thing!

Isaac bravely jumping from the diving block
Kids everywhere...where's Isaac!?
There he is!

Pool party on the left, drinking party in the shed on the right

Mummy & Ava
Still swimming....
Still swimming...
Santa's here!!!

He arrived in a police car...of course.
Here he is!

With a police escort

Everybody is ready

Isaac & Jack waiting patiently
Ava jumped when she heard her name and would only go to Santa with Daddy
Isaac isn't scared of Santa anymore!

Even the police escort gets to sit on Santa's knee

Bye bye Santa

Flashing lights and all...
See you next year.

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