Saturday, December 11, 2010

Pomona & a Lookout at Cooran

Today we were going to play in the playground while Rob climbed the mountain at Pomona, Mt Cooroora.
But after we dropped him off we drove into to Pomona and discovered it was market day...not a car park to be found.
So we drove back to the bottom of the mountain and hung out there for 1/2 an hour. 

We saw huge flies

Isn't it pretty?


had a snack

and sat around waiting for Daddy

to climb to the top of this mountain.

We went for a little walk up the track to meet him,
we got to a three way fork and didn't know which way to go
so we went back to the park.
Luckily, because he came out at a totally different track anyway!

Then Rob stopped at IGA to pick up our regular picnic supplies...
bread rolls, ham, tomato, swiss cheese...
and he drove us to The James M McKane Memorial Lookout at Cooran

another gorgeous picnic spot in the Sunshine Coast hinterland with stunning views

all the way to the ocean

There was a beautiful big old Moreton Bay Fig tree

The kids had a play walking along the brick walls

It is a beautiful spot


  1. Just beautiful!
    I love those big trees.

  2. Lovely pics! looks like a lovely time even if you were waiting around for hours!

  3. Great pictures, love BBQS will hopefully be going on some at a park when hubby is on Christmas holidays.

    (((( Hugs ))))