Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas

As much as I love Christmas Cards, I just don't do them.
Why? It's a combination of being a bit lot lazy,
and never being able to find mailing addresses.
But I do blog, so this year, please accept this as your Christmas Card.

2010 has been an eventful year for us.

Isaac started school

Ava moved into her big girl bed.

Rob did a Binna Burra to O'Reilly's walk.

We went to Australia Zoo...again!

We took the kids to Brisbane for the first time.

I had dinner with the St Matt's girls that I hadn't seen for years.

We went to the Gold Coast for Rita-Lily's 7th birthday.

We spent Mother's Day at the beach at Caloundra.

Isaac won his first running race.

We celebrated Nanny Teese's 90th birthday.

We went to the farm for Jack's 4th and Jewel's 12th birthdays.

Rob climbed Mt Maroon.

We celebrated Grandma's 85th birthday.

We visited The Big Pineapple.

We went to the Beaudesert Show.

The kids saw fireworks for the first time.

We celebrated Louella's 3rd, Ava's 3rd & Isaac's 6th birthdays on the farm.

Isaac's class went on an excursion to Underwater World, and I got to go, too!

Ava had a birthday party at the park.

Isaac invited all the boys from his class to his party in the park.

We had a holiday at Cooloongatta.

Rob climbed Mt Barney, again! And ended up in the clouds.

I had 2 days back at work after 7 1/2 years off!

Rob was awarded a medal for 10 years of diligent and ethical service.

We went to the farm for the first day of the cows being milked by robots.

We visited Bli Bli Castle

We went to Isaac's first Christmas Concert.

And Santa gave the kids presents at the Police Kid's Christmas party.

We'll be spending Christmas without my dear Grandma and our treasured Bevan this year.
But they will be with us in our hearts and our thoughts.

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  1. you're so cleaver!!!!!
    Merry Christmas :)