Monday, November 1, 2010

When Dairying Goes Space Age

Today is the day the cows on the farm no longer need to be milked by humans.
Today the robots have taken over!
Today the dairy (with the milking machines that you have to put on by hand) was used for the last time.

Today is training day.

Once trained the cows will wander into the robots at will and be milked...people free.

It was a major operation.
There were people to push the cows in, literally.
There were others on the computers, guiding the cups onto the cows teats. Some just didn't want to go on, even cows can be the 'wrong shape'. Once the computer reads and places the cups correctly, it remembers exactly where they go for each cow.
There was the support crew of experts to fix anything that went wrong.
And there were plenty of eyewitnesses at this exciting event.

Here is some photographic proof that the farm has entered the space age...

Here they come.

The Astronaut has landed

Three in a row, ready to go!

Dad & Jack think everything is in order.

Checking them out.

The side the cow walks in.

The other side, with the computer screen and robotic arm.

Holy cow!!

Greg & Geoff in the computer room, entering the cows' data into the computers.

Trish getting ready to do the second last milking in the dairy.

Milking with machines, by hand.

So yesterday.
Needing a little push.

They're in.

Trish helping them in.

Rob working one computer, checking that the cups are in place.
Jewel & Karen working another one.
The touchscreen computer.
The robot scans the udder to place the cups...this took awhile to get right on some cows.
Three working robots!

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