Sunday, November 14, 2010

Bli Bli Castle

Today we visited Bli Bli Castle.
It's another place we drive by often but have never stopped to visit.
It was really cool.
I love a good castle, and while it's not exactly like the real ones in Europe, it was a pretty good immitation.
There was a fun quest for the kids.
Isaac was only interested in answering the questions and not so much at looking at anything else.
Ava was a bit nervous in the dungeon and going up and up and up the circular stairways.
But she loved the dolls!

Isaac the cave man with the 2 horned triceratops!

We could dress up so we chose Viking hats and crowns (but ditched them because they were uncomfortable).

Ava and the 12 Dancing Princesses
The view to Maroochydore

At first, I was the only one brave enough to go right to top lookout!

Then Rob thought he'd combat his fear and he went up, too.

My two little Sentries
More winding stairs
The main hall
Checking out the weapons

Ava, loving the dolls

Especially these ones

The doll museum was amazing!

The bride dolls are still my favourites

The running trains

Not sure about the dinosaur on the tower, I'm pretty sure they were from a different era?!

Another fun day out!

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