Saturday, October 23, 2010

Opals Down Under

It's my birthday in three days.
A few weeks ago I put in a very hopeful order for an opal ring for my birthday.
And this morning Rob suggested we take a drive to Opals Down Under .

It's one of those places that we have driven past a million times and I've often thought,
"One day we should have a look at that."

Well, today we did.

I checked out their website before we left and discovered they have a fossicking pit for kids to search for gems.  When I told Isaac about it he was so excited he could barely contain himself.  He was sure he was going to find gold!

We went inside and bought two $9 cups then let the kids loose in the fossicking pit.

Until they filled their little cups, which they were allowed to take home.

Ava is sitting on a block of rose was very pretty!

The good news is, yes Rob did buy me a birthday present....squeeeeeee!
But you'll have to wait until my birthday to see it!!
So I was very happy with our little visit to Opals Down Under.

And I was even happier when the kids played with, sorted and traded their gems for hours when we got home!

1 comment:

  1. That fossicking looks like so much fun! My guys would love it - and it's not far from us at all.

    Sounds like a fun day all round :)