Saturday, November 20, 2010

Isaac's First Christmas Concert

Tonight we headed over to the 'Pavilion' at the show grounds for the school Christmas concert.

Ready to go

Rob thought we were a little early (6:15 for a 7pm start) but I thought we were there at the perfect time to grab a close car park and close-to-the-front seats.

Isaac's Prep group was the second act, singing "Six White Boomers", and they were just so cute.

Getting ready

Looking good in his dingo mask

Ava was very excited about it all...

...until the lack of a daytime nap hit...

...but she slept like that for over an hour, little angel!

Isaac was on the big screen for ages when the slide show stopped on this photo for the next act.

A country singer from the high school
The final act was Year 7 with their little Prep buddies singing "Silent Night".

He is up there somewhere
Isaac was pretty proud of himself when I went to collect him.

And rightly so, he did a great job!

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