Sunday, July 4, 2010

Nanny's 90th

On the 5th of June Rob's grandmother, Nanny Teese, turned 90!
She was the third born of eight children.
She has six children, 15 grandchildren and a lot of great-grand children.

On the night of her birthday we celebrated this amazing milestone at The Railway Hotel in town.

Imagine sitting at the head of a table of a room full of 70ish people and knowing that most of them are in this world because of you.

And isn't it funny the names you're known by at different stages of your life?
We call her Nanny.
Some people call her Mum.
A handful of her living friends and siblings call her Merle.
But apparently she was always known as Sis as a young girl.
Greg told the true but cute story of when her father walked her down the aisle at her wedding and he had to ask, "Hey Sis, what's your name again?"

Last night was the first time we had taken both kids out to dinner.
And now I know why we don't do that very often!
It didn't turn out that bad, really.

During family photo sessions there is always one crying, uncooperative child. At some point both of ours have been 'that' child.
This time it was Ava.
It was so far past her bedtime and her balloon was stuck on the ceiling.
I don't blame her.
It was a big night for a two year old.

So many people there knew me as a child, so it seemed every time I turned around someone was telling me that Ava, when she was both shy or screaming, was just like me, or Michelle.

The quote of the night was when Rob turned to me during dinner and said, "The room is full of mini me's."
And it was!

The speeches concluded with the hope that in ten years we'd all be back to celebrate Nanny's 100th birthday.

And, God willing, we will be.

Let me introduce you to our little balloon head.

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