Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Isaac's First Sports Day

Just before Isaac started school this year he discovered how many blue (and red and yellow) ribbons Rob won at school for running and swimming.

Isaac was in awe.

He wanted blue ribbons, too. Just like his dad's. He couldn't wait to start school so he could run a race and win a blue ribbon.

I tried to prepare him for the event, letting him know that he may not win and that would be OK.

When we got there he was excited and said, "I can't wait for my race to start!"
He was running around the other kids, practicing!

Then they lined up, he was in the far lane on our left.

The whistle blew...

...and his dream came true.


We couldn't be prouder.

Well done, Isaac!


  1. Yay Isaac!!

  2. Yay!! Congratulations Isaac!! And well done to mummy for getting the video up!!