Monday, October 26, 2009

Were the whales worth it? Depends who you ask!

Yesterday we went whale watching for my birthday.  It certainly was an experience and a half!!

The shock of the day was Rob being the sickest person on the boat (and there were a lot of sick people!).  From the minute the boat started moving he started losing colour until his face was a pasty shade of grey.  It wasn't long after that that Ava turned the exact same colour.

The surprise of the day was that Isaac had a whale of a time (oh, come on...that pun was crying out to be made).  He had a huge smile on his face the whole time and loved watching the captain 'drive' the boat, and the bubbles from the props at the back.

The hero of the day was stoic little Ava, who clearly felt very ill but didn't cry or complain once, even when she was making use of the V-bag (which set off a chain reaction of vomiters all around took everything I had not to join them.)

The highlight of the day was of course the whales, which are every bit as magnificent and amazing as I was expecting.  We saw a mother, it's calf and a pod of three or four on the way back tail slapping, peduncle throwing (that's what they said!) and breaching.  Very cool indeed!!

The discomfort of the day was not being able to move from the hard aluminum seat at the back of the boat due to my little angel clinging to me for dear life for four hours.  My arm and leg felt like they were going to drop off and I got a stiff neck because I could only look to the right.

The disappointment of the day was missing out on sitting with Isaac and Grandma, and poor Grandma having to keep running from the top deck to the bottom to check on us and make sure we were all OK.

We eventually returned back to dry land (after 4 hours and 45 minutes!) safe and sound.  We survived!!!  We lived to tell the tale and what a great tale it is to tell.  As with most things that are difficult at the time, they make for amazing family lore.  We'll be talking about this one for a long time to come.

When the day was finally over and the kids were sound asleep at Grandma's house, we retired to our comfy beds only to find...they were rocking!!
Oh, we go again...

Grandma, Ava & me
Rob & Isaac

"Wouldn't it be nice?"  On the way out to the ocean

A trail of jet skis followed us out

The Sunshine Coast

He had this happy face all day!

A whale's tail

Peduncle throwing

Mother and calf tail slapping

A dolphin

A sailing boat...we're almost back!!

Ahhhh, calm water

This is when he was feeling better!


  1. That ocean looks calm to me??? when are you going again? xx

  2. When you come with me...hehehe ;)

  3. A bit after the fact, but found this by link clicking...

    I took the kids back to Nova Scotia about 6 years back, when we were living in Singapore. It was August, allegedly the hottest time of the year there. We were there for three weeks and I promised the kids we'd go whale watching in the Bay of Fundy. My sister (who lives near there) set it up and we made a day of it. More than a day, actually. Drove up the day before, stayed in an inn and left first thing in the morning.

    The temperature on shore was mid-20's. The temperature in the Bay was at least 10 degrees colder. And there as a heavy, damp fog. And wind. Oh my God, the wind.

    The whales were taking the piss out of us, too. They'd breach 1000 m east of us, we'd head over there, then they'd breach were we just were. The damned things did that all day.

    Aside from the combined experience that we all will bitch about at the drop of a hat, with glee, the best part of the experience was the seafood chowder the boat had. We devoured it.

    Will NEVER go on a whale watching trip again.