Saturday, October 10, 2009

"I'm Doing It!"

This morning I is the day.
I've been saying I'm going to do it for long enough.
Time to actually give it a go.

'It' is climbing Mt Cooroora.  My husband, Rob, has been doing it regularly (twice a week if he can) for over a year now.  At first I wasn't the slightest bit interested in attempting it myself.  In fact, I was quite adamant that it was on my list of 'Things I Never Want to Do Before I Die'.  Oh yeah, I have that list, you can see it here if you like..."Things I Never Want To Do Before I Die" blog
But for some reason I changed my mind and it ended up on my 'Bucket List'.

So here are the mountain's stats...
1.  Height - 412m above sea level.
2.  It is a walk that rises to 439m and is steep and difficult.
3.  There is some rock scrambling close to the top. Metal stairs have been added for the most difficult parts and a chain link guide is in place for most of the steeper sections.
4. Every July the King of the Mountain challenge takes place and the record is about 20 minutes to the top and back.
5.  It actually takes a regular person around two hours and it will still be some effort on this steep climb with some loose stones.

So, you must be thinking I must be pretty fit to even consider attemping it.  Ahh, no.
Well, then, you must be thinking I have done some preparation in order to actually make it.  Ahh, no.
What was I thinking?  I was just thinking I could, that's all.

We called Rob's Mum this morning to ask her to watch the kids in the playground at Pomona.  She was happy to do that and the kids were happy when we left them....phew, we're off to a good start.  I was nervous and excited all at the same time.  I'd been wanting to do this for ages.  After two minutes walking (it's all up) I said 'Are we there yet?'

Of course I was kidding, but I was also puffing, hard!!  We walked and climbed and climbed and walked and I was doing pretty good.  Then we got to the steps.  Big, high, metal steps.  My short legs were struggling and then I began to feel dizzy.  I had to sit down for a bit, I wasn't feeling so good.  I got up and pushed on, I really wanted to get to the top.

But then I felt dizzy again, and a little sick.  We were just below the hardest bit according to Rob so I went really slow and made it up 'the hardest bit', sat and enjoyed the gorgeous view for a moment...

...then aborted the mission and began the descent.  I just wasn't fit enough.  Coming down was a breeze but someone forgot to tell my legs that.  You've heard the term 'jelly legs'?  I had 'em!  My time up and down was one hour, twice as long as it takes Rob to go all the way to the top and back!

Was I disappointed?  Yes, I was.  I expected that it would be hard, but I told myself I was just going to keep going until I got to the top.  I wasn't expecting to feel like I was going to pass out and/or throw up.  But I felt fantastic that I had a go, and got 2/3 of the way.  More than half is a pass, right?

So anyway, I am planning on trying again.  Perhaps with a little more fitness preparation next time!  For now I'm drawing a line 2/3 of the way through it on my 'Bucket List'.

One thing I know for sure, I'll sleep really well tonight.  If no small children wake me up!


  1. Go you, well done for having a crack at it and 2/3 is certainly not to be scoffed at.

  2. Congratulations! That's so great. I love the photos.