Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas 2009

The best things about Christmas this year were...

  • waking to Isaac calling out from his room, "That's just what I wanted!"
  • watching Isaac and Ava's faces when they were opening their presents
  • getting to see every member of both of our families over three days
  • getting a big, fancy breakfast at a 4 star resort on Boxing Day
  • the kids playing Santa around the Christmas tree and clapping and cheering every time someone opened a present.

But it was busy and quite tiring.
This was our Three Day Christmas Event :-

Christmas Morning -
we woke at 5am
Isaac and Ava opened presents from Santa & us around Christmas tree

we had breakfast
got dressed
packed the car
left at 8:50am to drive to Caloundra

Christmas Day -
we arrived at Caloundra at 10am
the whole family was there (8 adults, 6 kids)
we opened the presents
had Christmas lunch (prawns, cold meats, hot ham, salads...yum)
checked into the Crowne Plaza Hotel with Mark, Zoe and Beth (with everyone staying there wasn't enough room for all of us at the house)
then we went back to the house
finally got Ava to nap while everyone else went to the beach
Isaac tripped on towel after his swim and fell face down into the concrete sidewalk (there was blood, tears, bruising, grazes, and a very swollen lip)
we had a BBQ dinner
then went back to the hotel to sleep

Boxing Day -
we had a buffet breakfast at the hotel
packed and checked out
went back to the house for a swim in the pool
packed and drove to the farm
the whole family was there (8 adults, 8 kids)
we had presents
Christmas dinner (number 2 - prawns, cold meats, salads...yum)
got all kids to sleep

Day after Boxing Day -
up at 6am
packed picnic lunches
packed the car
had extended family Christmas get together (22 adults, 13 kids) at Greg and Trish's
farewelled everyone
drove back home

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