Sunday, May 31, 2015

Toogoom & Hervey Bay

After Georgie & Lex's wedding and Bamboo Land we were heading to Hervey Bay for the first time ever. Rob decided to take the scenic route and stop in at all the little beaches along the Fraser Coast.

First stop was Burrum Heads....keep moving...nothing to see here.

Next stop was Toogoom which was beautiful. We walked along a boardwalk to the water. Ava collected lots of beautiful shells. The water was lovely but we decided to wait for a swim until we got to Hervey Bay.

Final stop, Hervey Bay. It was so much bigger than I expected. Rob doesn't like the place but I thought it was lovely. We drove all along the water front looking for a place to swim but the tide was out and it was all muddy and rocky. We'd almost given up when Rob found a nice spot amid some rock pools. After swimming and a little picnic in the park we did a little bit of shopping then headed home after a big weekend.

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