Saturday, May 30, 2015

Georgie & Lex's Wedding ~ 30th May, 2015

On Saturday, 30th May we drove to Childers for Georgina & Lex's wedding.
It took just under 2 hours. The kids were very excited to see the motel because it was the first time they remember staying in one. They were hoping for bunk beds, and bunk beds we had!
We arrived the same time as Zoe & Mark. We all travelled together to the wedding in a maxi taxi...another first for the kids. The wedding was 5 minutes out of town at Apple Tree Creek on Lex's family's farm. When we got there it was like a wedding wonderland. There was a beautiful marquee, very prettily decorated in vintage pink. Georgina arrived with Norm in a horse drawn carriage. It was all so lovely. A power outage didn't even dampen the night.

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