Monday, October 6, 2014

September Holidays ~ From the Coast to the Farm

I took the kids to see their cousins in the second week of the school holidays. We left Monday morning to spend two nights with Michelle. Then went to the farm for one night.

Monday - The kids found a Willy Wagtail's nest near the pool with three babies in it. They went for a swim. Then Jacob, Rita-Lily and Isaac walked to the playground while Michelle, Tiara, Louella, Ava & I walked to the top of the hill to see the view. Then we all walked back down to the playground.

Tuesday - Jacob and Isaac went to the skate park on scooters. We went a little later to see how they were doing. Isaac was having a great time until a magpie swooped him! He fell on the concrete and grazed his elbow and knee.

Wednesday - We drove to the farm mid morning. Then Ava and Jack had a ride on the quad bike with Grandarrell down to shift the irrigator. Isaac rode it all by himself when they got back. In the late afternoon, after it had cooled down a bit, Greg drove Trish, Isaac, Ava, Jack (Jewel was in Japan) and me down to the river in their 4-wheel drive. Greg did some fishing and the kids had a swim. Isaac wasn't very happy about not being able to wash his muddy feet until we got back to the house.

Thursday - Before we left around lunch time, I walked around the farm taking photos for the photo a day group. On Wednesday and Thursday I got the whole alphabet in farm photos.

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