Saturday, June 28, 2014

Open Day at the Farm ~ The 1st Birthday

The 28th June was the open day and first birthday for 4REAL Milk!
It was also the launch of the new hard cheeses, cheddar and red leicester.

Michelle and I were on the gate all morning.
Rob was the lovely man helping in the car park.
The kids helped Trish, Katrina, Karen & Geoff sell milk, cheese and merchandise.
Jewel & Yoke manned the jumping castle.
Dad was on stage.
Mum was everywhere making sure things were running smoothly.
Greg was the tour guide.
And anyone that I didn't mention had a very important job that I didn't get to see.

The stats from the Scenic Rim Robotic Dairy and 4 Real Milk page...

"2,072.80 - $$$$ raised for beyondblue on Saturday 

Nearly 2,000 - visitors, supporters, followers and friends who accepted our 'open' invitation on Saturday 

100 - cow bells...sold out before lunchtime 

42 - family, friends & staff...who worked their butt off to keep things flowing all day 

19 - stockists (that I'm aware of) who were able to attend 

10 - musicians who entertained us all - throughout the day 

5 - food and drinks stands who all excelled themselves 

0 - $$$$ advertising and promotions budget for the BIG DAY!!!"

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