Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Birthdays & The Beaudesert Show

We started this year's birthday season with an overnight stay and birthday party at Grandma & Grandad's on Thursday the 6th.


The next day Isaac had a day off school so we could meet the Evans cousins at the Beaudesert Show.

We met up with Brenma & Grandarrell, too and she bought cakes for the three birthday kids, Louella, Ava & Isaac. So we had another little party at the show.

A 3 o'clock we went back to the farm to have more cake and a pinata with Jewel & Jack.

Then it was back to the show for the circus and night time events.

Jack & Ava are ready for the fireworks!

When we woke up on the farm the next day, Ava was 5!
She said her kitty was the best present in the whole wide world.

Then four days later Isaac turned 8. He was very happy with his TDU2 game and a brand new Prado.


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  1. I really enjoyed seeing these shots. Looks like it was a wonderful day all around! Great idea that cupcake birthday "cake".