Sunday, August 5, 2012

Dicky Beach & Maroochy Botanic Gardens

This morning we began our day still on the hunt for the perfect block of land.
We drive through Carter's Ridge (our favourite spot at the moment) and then headed to Caloundra Private Hospital to visit Grandad.
After our visit Grandma came with us to Dicky Beach to play with frisbees, build sandcastles and have fish & chips at the beach.

Isaac collecting shells, coral and drift wood.

Building sandcastles

Grandma in the background, throwing a frisbee to Isaac.

Isaac throwing it back (see it in the top left corner?)

Sea snails in the rock pool.

I loved the patterns and lines in the rocks.

There were lots of ships out today.

I caught a wave! With my camera...not a surf board!!

Wouldn't it be nice to live up there?

Or here, right on the beach!

More sandcastles

A face in the sand!

On the way home we stopped for ice-creams at Forest Glen and took them to the Maroochy Botanic Gardens. Another place we've been meaning to visit for awhile now.
It is just down the road from the maze we visited recently and is absolutely beautiful.
It's quiet, peaceful and popular! There were a lot of other people there enjoying the serenity as well.
The best part by far was the Sculpture Garden. Gorgeous!!

A very brave kookaburra joined us for a snack while we were having our ice-creams.

Isaac still eating his.

Along the Lagoon Walk we found a hollow tree.

It was a bit scary!

At the start of the Sculpture Garden.

A very interesting sculpture!

"Hello Cocky"

This is how you ride a wombat.

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