Saturday, July 28, 2012

Bellingham Maze & Lunch at Coolum Beach

After a very early (5am) wake up to watch the opening of the London Olympic Games, Rob decided we needed to get out and do something because we'd all been couped up in the house sick with the flu for the past week.

We'd been wanting to go to the Bellingham Maze at Tanawha since summer so that's where we went today.

When we arrived we thought we were going to get a drenching getting through the waterfall at the entrance.

But the water stops as you stand in front of it, very cool!

After a couple of games...

...into the maze we went. It was pretty tricky finding the fountain in the centre.

This isn't it, just a bench...

Here it is!!

Now, how to get back out? Try this way.

After we found our way out we had a Devonshire Tea at the Garden Cafe.
There were puzzles on the tables which we all had a go at...Rob managed to break his....shhhhhh!
Then it was time for mini golf. Rob won by one point and Isaac did well to get to the end without a major meltdown. And Ava's mini golf skills have improved so much since the last time she played.

On the way out we went into the aviary.

And I was thrilled to see a peacock. I've been dying to snap a peacock.
It was absolutely beautiful and I'm sure he was posing for me.

After a quick look at the water wheel, we left the Bellingham Maze and drove to Coolum Beach for lunch (with a quick stop at Maroochydore for a computer part).

We had lunch at the Coolum Beach Surf Club, with gorgeous water front views.

Then the kids had a little play in the playground, right by the beach.

Looks like someone else was enjoying the perfect winter weather, too.

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  1. Looks like a great day - I am always looking for things to do on the days we have the twins for the whole day. Too bad it would take us (at least) the whole day to get there. LOL!