Sunday, June 19, 2011


When Belinda Carlisle sang "Heaven is a place on Earth..." (Earworm? You're welcome!)
I'm sure she was singing about Maleny...Montville...Mapleton...The Blackall Range.
I just love it up there.
It's like a salve to my frayed nerves.
I can breathe better.
I feel lighter.
I'm happy.
It is simply the most stunning place I have ever seen.
If only I could take snapshots with my eyes.
There were too many photo opportunities whilst we were driving...impossible to stop and capture.
My very favourite...cows grazing in a green paddock, with the Sunshine Coast and the ocean in the distance behind them.
Cows and the ocean! Together, in the same view!!

We began our day's adventure with a gorgeous little 2km very easy rainforest walk at Mary Cairncross Park.
A rainforest walk is just so peaceful.
There were whipbirds, my favourite.
Cool air, 15degC, perfect!
And the kids loved it, too.

After our walk we planned to find a tavern in Maleny for lunch.
This was the view on the way.

The taverns in Maleny were too busy so we headed to Montville.
It was even busier there.
So we drove on to Mapleton where we managed to find a car park and a table at the Mapleton Tavern.
The tavern was gorgeous, the view was even better.
But the food was very disappointing and way overpriced.
We still had a fabulous day.

It's always sad to have to leave and drive back down to the real world.


  1. What beautiful photos. It honestly does look like heaven on earth. Looks like you guys got some great weather too!

    Oh, and thanks for the ear worm :) OOH BABY DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT'S WORTH? OOH HEAVEN IS A PLACE ON EARTH. xxx

  2. Stop it Jane! haha
    I'd never heard that term "ear worm".
    Gorgeous photos Thea, a beautiful day.