Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Katy Perry - Brisbane 1/12/14

Last night Rob & I went to the Katy Perry concert in Brisbane.
We had been looking forward to it almost all year and had to do some minor juggling to arrange baby-sitting. So when the day finally arrived, we were both very excited!
But sadly, we were both very disappointed. I did not expect to be disappointed by Katy Perry, especially after hearing so many raving reviews from Facebook friends who'd been in the few days prior to our show.
We had to wait for an hour after the support act finished.
It was loud...I mean L.O.U.D.!!! Painfully loud.
We're not that old, we had handle loud, but this loud was ridiculous.
We couldn't enjoy the music because it was just noise.
And Katy didn't even greet the crowd or speak to us until more than 20 minutes into the show.
Then she said, "Are you having a good time yet?" And I actually said, "No," out loud!
Whenever she did speak to us, she yelled at us. And all she talked about was herself.
It was the most self-indulgent thing we had ever seen.
Two hours of "Me, me, me."
We both felt she was totally insincere and did not engage with us with any kind of warmth.
But it was a spectacular spectacle.
She looked great, but I got the feeling that that was all that mattered to her.
Anyhow, I got a few great photos and Rob and I really enjoyed our little mini-break, so all was not lost.

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