Saturday, September 20, 2014

Ava Went Camping

On the first weekend of the September school holidays, Isaac & Ava were going to stay in the caravan at Charlie Moreland Camp near Kenilworth with Grandma & Garry for a few nights. But Saturday morning Isaac woke up not feeling well enough and Rob & I couldn't book a campsite to stay so we decided we would just go for a drive to visit for the day, but no one was sleeping over...until we got there, then Ava changed her mind. She hadn't packed anything except togs but really wanted to sleep in the caravan that night. So after we watched all the other campers setting up in the rain and had some lunch, we went for short walk then the kids and Grandma & Garry went swimming in the creek. Then we left Ava that afternoon and came back Sunday morning.

On Sunday we went 4-wheel driving, some of us in the front and some in the back to a beautiful picnic spot at Booloumba Creek.

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