Monday, May 19, 2014

The Gympie Show ~ 15 - 17 May 2014

We were very lucky to win a family season pass to the show in the school Christmas raffle last year.
If' Isaac's name is on the ticket, we're bound to win!
So we made the most of it.
Thursday afternoon after school I took the kids out to have a look and buy show bags.

St Pat's won 1st place for the school display
Machinery Alley

On Friday morning we all went early so Ava could watch Sarah dancing at 10am.
Rob and Isaac went for a walk to Machinery Alley while Ava and I went to The Pavillion to see the dancers. She also saw Mackenzie and Molly from her class.
We met Rob & Isaac back at the Dodgem Cars then Isaac and I went on the Whizzer!
Ava had a go on the clowns, the ducks, and then had her very first pony ride.
We walked through the animal nursery on our way out.

Molly on the left, Mackenzie second from the right

Sarah in the middle

Check out the tiny dancer on the floor!

She won Harry the Hippo!

About to be whizzed!!

Crazy people!
One of Isaac's favourite cars

And another one

She loved her ride on Laser

We went back Saturday night for the fireworks. Rob & Isaac had another ride on the Dodgem Cars, Ava had another go on the clowns, then we went to watch the rodeo but there were no seats left. So we walked back to the grandstand and sat watching the rodeo on the big screen for an hour, waiting for the fireworks, which we loved! As we were leaving Ava bought a flashing light-up butterfly and Isaac bought some fairy floss. It was pink so I had to carry it to the car.

The rodeo was packed!

The moon looked amazing and yellow behind the cloud...but couldn't get a good shot