Sunday, April 6, 2014

Family Day Out at Kilkivan, Dickabram Bridge, Theebine Hotel & Bauple

Yesterday was the Kilkivan Great Horse Ride so we decided to take a drive and go for a picnic.
Kilkivan is about 50km away and we got there at about 10:30am.
The horse riders were due in at 4pm so there wasn't much going on yet!
We looked in a collectibles shop.
Ava had to have a teddy on a tiny rocking chair for $10 and Rob found three cool green glass cups for $5!
We had a quick look at the markets and bought a bottle of homemade limeade and a jar of homemade Desert Lime chutney...delicious!
We left at around 11am and headed to the Dickabram Bridge for our picnic.
We'd been there before when the kids were much smaller.
I love that spot. The bridge is amazing. Isaac and I went for a walk on it which was pretty scary!
The gaps weren't small and you could see all the way down to the ground and the river.
But Isaac wanted to walk all the way to the he did.
After our picnic we dropped into the Theebine Hotel for a drink and toilet stop.
I just love the old building and the beer garden out the back is huge.
We had it all to ourselves which was fun. Ava did some Irish dancing on the "Backstage @ Theebine" stage.
Then we drove onto Bauple and had a quick look in the museum.
It was a lovely day out. We had very warm Autumn weather and it was so nice to see green grass everywhere again after the rain.
We did have to contend with some whinging..."I don't want to go for a picnic!" "I don't want to use that toilet!!" "I don't want to see another museum!!!"....but that's nothing new!

On the way to Kilkivan 

At the Kilkivan markets

Driving on the Dickabram Bridge

Walking on the bridge

He made it to the end!

It's a long way down!!


Ava's teddy on the rocking chair