Monday, October 7, 2013

Holiday at Cooangatta 2013

Saturday -  28th Sept

After spending the day at Greg & Dianne's at Cooroibah for Henry's 90th birthday party, we got away at 3pm for our week at the coast! We arrived at Coolangatta to a warm welcoming committee (Michelle, Tiara, Rity-Lily & Louella) just after 5:30.

Sunday - 29th Sept

Ava and I were awake at 5:30am!! After spotting some whales and waiting ages for the boys to wake up, we had breakfast then went to the pool. We did a quick grocery shop at Aldi, then went for a walk up to Greenmount Hill lookout. We spotted some more whales, then walked home for some lunch and a rest (or sleep for me!). Rob took the kids back to the pool, then we strolled around the block. We went to our two favourite stores, the second hand book store and the collectibles shop. Then the kids had KFC and we had sushi for dinner.

Monday - 30th Sept

This morning we all managed to sleep in for a little longer than 5:30! After breakfast we went to the beach. It was absolutely gorgeous, not too hot, not too windy, just right. Then it was back to the pool. After the swims we drove to Robina. That place is huge!! We had lunch and bought some toys, thongs and a new bag for me. Then it was home for another sleep (for me) and another swim in the pool for the kids.

Tuesday - 1st Oct

Trish and the kids visited this morning. Greg wasn't well, so couldn't make it. The kids swam in the pool, it was so windy today! I bumped into an old workmate, John Bates, from Loganholme who was also staying here! Then we came back to the unit for lunch and a play. After they left just before 3pm, Rob and Isaac braved the wind and went to the beach. Ava and I went for a photo walk. Then we met in the lobby...good timing...and went back to the pool.

Wednesday - 2nd Oct

After another lovely sleep in, we went for a walk to the other lookout, Kirra Point Lookout, took some more photos, then walked back. On the way back we popped into the shopping centre and and bought a U2 record, yes a vinyl one! Then we came back to the unit to wait for Mum & Dad. When they arrived at about 11am, we went to the beach, then came back for a swim in the pool. We all went for lunch at McDonalds then walked to Tweed Centro. We bought Mum & Dad's birthday presents, watches for Mum, Ava, Isaac & me, sunnies for Rob. And then when we got back we had watch troubles!! Ava's stopped working, so Rob took it back and swapped it. Then Isaac & Rob went back to the beach, we said goodbye to Mum & Dad and I took Ava back to the pool. When Isaac got back from the beach his watch was beeping and had stopped working too! So Rob took it back for a replacement, and while he was gone we realized Ava's second watch didn't work either!!

Thursday - 3rd Oct

This morning we went back to Target to buy a watch that works for Ava! Then we went to the 10:20am session of  "The Smurfs 2". After lunch back at the unit we all went to the beach, then back to the pool. Rob took the kids out for ice-creams and I enjoyed a wine and cheese on the balcony. Then after a quick nap (for me) Isaac and I went for a walk back to the rocks at Greenmount to take nature photos. Rob hunted Indian for dinner tonight!

Friday - 4 Oct

We left pretty early this morning for Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. We got there just before 9am and had a wonderful day, we left just after 2pm. We saw crocodiles, SNAKES, lizards, koalas, birds, emus, ducks, kangaroos. We went on the train, a forest/bush walk, saw a magic show and a free flight bird show. We had lunch, visited the wildlife hospital which was very interesting, then saw the feeding of the crocodiles and got back on the train. After watching the most awake koalas we have ever seen, we went to the gift shop and Ava took ages to decide what to buy. The slinky Isaac wanted was only back at the gift shop inside, so he and Rob walked back over, then they discovered a big kids' adventure playground. So Ava and I walked back in too for a play. Then it was back to the gift shop where Ava finally decided on a cuddly pink snake! And I bought myself a cuddly pink koala.

Saturday - 5th Oct

This morning we packed up early and left by 8:30am to travel to the farm for Mum & Dad's surprise birthday party. Goodbye Coolangatta...until next year.