Friday, April 5, 2013

Easter Weekend 2013

On Good Friday morning we headed to Caloundra.
The kids had a swim at the beach in the afternoon then we had fish & chips for dinner.

Saturday morning we drove to the farm.
We got caught in a traffic jam just after we started out.
It took 45mins to go 3kms!!
We finally got to the farm and found Michelle and the kids waiting for us.
The kids had a great play together.
Then Aunty Cathy and her friend Iris arrived.
We all took a walk over to see the new plant being built.
Then Greg, Rob & I walked down the track to take photos.
Michelle and the kids went home that afternoon.
Isaac and Ava went to bed so the Easter Bunny could visit.

On Easter Sunday morning Mum & Dad left early for Mass and then headed to the Rathdowney Heritage Markets.
We drove there a little later.
Isaac, however, wasn't feeling well so we didn't stay long.
On the way back to the farm we took a detour on the Lions Road up to the border gate.
We saw so many campers along the way.
When we got back to the farm I took some photos of Aunty Rose's roses.
That afternoon John & Toni invited us over to John's parents place over the river for a barbecue.
Nat & Jody and their boys, Aiden & Patrick were also there. 
As well as Michael and his new girlfriend, Kelly.
The Easter Bunny even turned up!!

Monday morning I took some more photos of Aunty Rose's roses then we packed up and headed back home.
We didn't get caught in any traffic this time.
After picking up the trailer and having some McDonald's at Caloundra, we arrived home at about 1:30pm.