Saturday, January 26, 2013

Keith Urban Concert

Last night Rob & I went to see Keith Urban.
We left the kids with Grandma and set off for the big smoke.
After a minor major traffic crisis, we arrived at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre where we met Greg & Trish, and we were prepared to be entertained.

We're excited!!

Joel & Benji Madden were up first.
I thought they were great.
They sang a few new songs from their upcoming album by their new band The Madden Brothers and a few Good Charlotte oldies which got the crowd jumping.
They were a great warm up for the main event.

Then the big white curtain came down to set up for Keith and I was just dying to see what was going on behind it.

While we were waiting we noticed a raised rectangular 'thingy' right in front of us on the floor and another circular one right in the middle of the floor.
Greg thought they looked like stages.
Rob doubted it.

And then Keith was on!!

I don't have enough superlatives to describe what I thought of his show.
He promised us a good time...and he delivered!
He was so real, so warm, so *familiar* that I seriously felt like I was hanging out at his place, having a fine old time.

He also said he had a few surprises...and they were good ones.

Surprise #1 -

He invited Joel & Benji back on stage to sing "Wonderwall" with him which was awesome!
And later he invited Darren Percival to join him!
Which was funny because before the show started I was saying how glad I was that Darren Percival wasn't the support act!
So I didn't think he was that great, but it was cool seeing another face from the TV in the flesh.

Surprise #2 -

He came out into the crowd three times!!
Walking as nonchalently as you like, with people screaming and trying to grab him, to the stage right in front of us!!!
See, Rob, it was a stage!
And then he delivered my favourite line of the night,
I think I may have screamed, no, I know I did!
He also came up into the stand on our side and sang, then signed his guitar and gave it to the girl right beside him!
And for the encore he sat on the tiny circular stage right in the centre, just him and his guitar, and serenaded sang to all of us.

Surprise #3 - 

He asked three random people from the crowd to sing "Kiss A Girl" on stage.
That was so damn funny!
The two girls weren't too bad.
But the guy...shocking!
He said he knew the words but he didn't have a clue.
Keith asked him,
"When did you start drinking? Tuesday??"

So I'd have to say the concert exceeded my very high expectations.
That boy can sing!
And he can play a mean geeeee-tah!!

In the words of Benji Madden, "He's the realest *insert swear word beginning with M (something something) ck (something something) er here* I've ever met."
And in the words of me, "He's the nicest famous person I've almost met."

It was so much fun I didn't want it to end.

Here's a little from the very show we saw....

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